DNS Query Types

By | June 8, 2009

There are 2 types of DNS query used in windows server/client to resolve the DNS entry, the output result can be diffrent for each query and the end system always uses Recursive query, you can test both the query using nslookup tool advance options [no]recurse

DNS has two types of Query

Iterative Query
Recursive Query

Iterative Query

In this query the client ask the name server for the best possible answer, the name server check the cache and zone for which it’s authoritative and returns the best possible answer to the client, which would be the full answer like IP address or try the other name server

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Recursive Query

Client demands either a full answer or an error message (like record or domain name does not exist)
Client machine always send recursive query to the DNS server, if the DNS server does not have the requested information, DNS server send the iterative query to the other name server (through forwarders or secondary DNS server) until it gets the information, or until the name query fails.

Source: For more info about Iterative and Recursive Queries


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