Basic commands

By | July 17, 2009

Some of the Basic commands, windows admin’s should know

Basic commands

View Last Reboot Time

net statistics server | more

Run a program as another user

runas /user:domainusername appname
ex: runas /user:jeffk cmd.exe

Remote Desktop into Console of specific computer

Mstsc /v:computername /console
Ex: mstsc /v:deserver /console

Map a network Drive

Net use drivename: \servershare
Net use z: \daservermusic

Force network credentials

Net use \serversharename /user:domainuser
Ex: net user \daservermusic /user:jeffk

Tip: Before using this you may want to issue net use * /d to delete previously stored credentials, or you can view your credentials by just typing net use

Environmental Variables

use these at start>run to quickly goto or anywhere in explorer

Tip: Type set to see your variables

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