Configure Strict Replication Consistency

By | July 27, 2009

How to enable Strict Replication Consistency

If you enable the Strict Replication Consistency then the Lingering Objects will not replicate to other domain controllers, it’s used to isolate the issue with the site and very easy to find the affected domain controller that contains the lingering object if you enable the Strict Replication Consistency

Registry Setting That Determines Whether Lingering Objects Are Replicated
If a writable lingering object exists in your environment and an attempt is made to update the object, the value in the strict replication consistency registry entry (type REG_DWORD) in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesNTDSParameters determines whether replication proceeds or is stopped, as follows:

• 1 (enabled): Inbound replication of the specified directory partition from the source is stopped on the destination.
• 0 (disabled): The destination requests the full object from the source domain controller, and the lingering object is revived in the directory as a new object.

Default Settings for Strict Replication Consistency
The default value for the strict replication consistency registry entry is determined by the conditions under which the domain controller was installed into the forest.


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