How to change the offline file sync server

By | March 30, 2010

How to change the offline file synchronization server

Let say you already configured the offline files and these files and folders are moved or migrated to new server, after this offline file synchronization will not woke because laptop is looking for the old server, how do I change the offline file server to new server

Solution 1:

You have to reconfigure the offline files with new server

Solution 2:

Run the bellow command to change the offline server to new server without reconfiguring


Csccmd.exe /moveshare:\old share path \new share path


Command to change the offline server from server1 to server2

Csccmd.exe /moveshare:\server1test \server2test

Old server: server1
New server: server2

This command will clear the Offline Files cache and update the new server in Offline Files cache

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