How to Configure Offline Files

By | March 30, 2010

Configure Offline Files

You can able to access, and work with the network files even you disconnected from the network, using the Offline Files features

Especially if you are a laptop user and you update the network files on the move without network connection then you can use an offline files

When you reconnect, all the changes you made to those files will be made to the files on the network, through the offline file synchronization. Any file or folder that is shared on a Microsoft network can be made available offline

How to Configure Offline Files

You have to enable offline files the use of Offline Files feature

1. Open My Computer
2. In the Tools menu, click the Folder Options
3. Select the Offline Files tab.

Note: If you are using XP Operating System then Fast User Switching needs to be disabled in order to configure Offline Files

You can configure the offline files settings like, synchronize all offline files before logging off when you log off and disk space allocated for storing offline files

How to configure files and folders to available offline

We should share the folder in order to configure the offline files and make a file or folder available offline
And this should be a network share

1. Open a network share
2. Right click the shared folder
3. Select a Make Available Offline option

Now this folder will be available even you disconnect from the network, and while you login, all the updated information will be update to the network share

Synchronize offline files

To Sync offline files follow the below procedure

1. Open a network share

2. Right click the shared folder

3. Select a Synchronize

This will Synchronize the local updated file with server copy

This is how the offline files works

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