Usage of 3GB and PAE Switch for various applications

By | March 30, 2010

Usage of /3GB and /PAE flag for various applications

The default setting should not include the /3GB switch. Microsoft thinks the best solution would be a matrix of physical memory, OS version, and application.

For Active Directory(Domain Controllers)
Always use /3GB for Active Directory

For Exchange servers
Always use /3GB for Mailbox and Public Folder servers
Never use for SMTP Bridgehead servers and Front End servers.

For SQL Server
In general /3GB is a good thing for SQL server. In some scenarios you have to examination such as multiple instance clusters, and high memory (12GB+) systems.

For File and Print Servers
Never use /3GB on file/print servers or terminal servers

For Terminal Server
Never use /3GB unless you need to run extremely huge application

Application Servers
Do not use /3GB across the enterprise as a default setting. You have to analysis application / services to determine if /3GB switch require or not

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