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By | December 7, 2010

Active Directory tool to find site name, subnet and other information for given IP addresses

If you are troubleshooting the system issues, like logon issue and DFS issue you have to check the system IP address and from which site this IP address belong to and from which subnet this IP belongs to, if that site have a Domain controller and if this subnet have DNS ReversZone and DNS Revers entry

In a large Active Directory environment it’s very difficult to check this manually, if the subnet associate to the IP not configured, then client will have a logon problems, if the DNS ReversZone missing then Dynamic registration will have a issue so better we have to check all this before troubleshoot the issue, this tool will also very useful to understand the issue

This tool will provide the Site Name, subnet, Number of Address, DCs in this Site, DNS ReversZone Name, DNS ReversZone, and PTR Record pointing to

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