Search AD Object using the Attribute value

By | December 30, 2010

Active Directory tool to search the Active Directory using attribute value, you can use this tool to find the attribute value for the given object and attribute


This tool is very useful to search a particular attribute value for any object in Active Directory, input for this tool is any known attribute and the attribute value ( in above example I have used CN attribute and corresponding value) and you can get the output of any require attribute.

Beauty of this product is you can use the Wild cards, like list all the users that stars with DE ( CN=DE* is the input)

Also you can use this tool to search the Configuration partition, search the site, site link and subnet, in above example we are getting the site name of the server using the server name

You can use this simple tool for your requirement, this tool will do customized search on Active Directory, I have used this tool to search the site link for the site, search the connection object for the server, search the site for the server

From Domain Partition, some time you know the attribute name and the value and you want to list all object that have the same value for the attribute that scenario you can use this Search AD Object using the Attribute value tool.

And also use this tool to find the duplicate entries in Active Directory, if many object attribute have the same value and this should be unique, like this you can use this tool in your own requirement.


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