Active Directory Schema Update/Schema Version

By | January 3, 2011
Active Directory Schema update
Schema update is nothing but extend the schema to support new operating system and applications features

Normally schema update done for applications like Exchange and SCCM, schema update also done for operating systems, Active Directory to support the new operating system and same time OS with new release, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2 have the different schema versions, you have to update the schema before updating the new release version of OS (Windows Server 2003 R2) in your environment.

Like Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 also has the different schema versions, Windows Server 2008 RTM & Windows Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008 R2

I would like to explain history for past schema update
Schema version for new operation system
Find the Schema version for the operating systems
13 – Windows 2000 Server
30 – Windows Server 2003 RTM, Windows 2003 With Service Pack 1, Windows 2003 With Service Pack 2
31 -Windows Server 2003 R2
44 – Windows Server 2008 RTM
47 – Windows Server 2008 R2
56 – Windows Server 2012
69 – Windows Server 2012 R2
Schema version for Exchange application
Find the Exchange Schema version for the Exchange Servers
4397 -Exchange Server 2000 RTM
4406 -Exchange Server 2000 With Service Pack 3
6870 -Exchange Server 2003 RTM
6936 – Exchange Server 2003 With Service Pack 3
10628 – Exchange Server 2007
11116 – Exchange 2007 With Service Pack 1
14726 – Exchange 2010 With Service Pack 1
These are the Schema version and the corresponding operating system and Exchange versions

How do I check my current schema version?

Yes you can check the current schema version by using the below command
For Active Directory Schema version
dsquery * cn=schema,cn=configuration,dc=domainname,dc=local -scope base -attr objectVersion
For Exchange Schema version
dsquery * CN=ms-Exch-Schema-Version-Pt,cn=schema,cn=configuration,dc=domain,dc=local -scope base -attr  rangeUpper
How do you update the schema?
Different procedures has been followed for schema update for application and OS, it’s depends on the application and operating system version (Please check the respective upgrade guide for more info) all the schema update are similar to below procedure.

For Windows Server 2003 R2

The adprep /forestprep

For Exchange 2007 with Service Pack 1

Run the below command from Exchange CD on Schema master server in Active Directory.

Setup /PrepareSchema

You have to run the below command also to update the Active Directory and Domain

Setup /PrepareAD
Setup /PrepareDomain

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