Check the server IP address from multiple servers

By | January 25, 2011
Check the DC IP address from multiple DC’s

Some time we have to check one server DNS IP address from many domain controllers, we can use this command, please enter the list of server in list.txt

for /f %a in (list.txt) do nslookup server name %a

for /f %a in (list.txt) do nslookup test0001 %a

This command will check the server IP adress from the list of DNS servers, some DNS server or DC have the wrong IP adress due to replication issue or DNS island issue, To resolve DNS island issue

I have used this command while the DNS island issue, to check the current registered DNS entry for the affected domain controller from other domain controllers, through this way you can confirm the correct DNS registration for that server, if you want to check the current registered server IP address from multiple servers than this command is very useful, for one or two servers you can check manually one by one.

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