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By | April 13, 2011

Using DNS Management tool you can check, create and delete DNS entry in Windows DNS server, it seems to be simple however in a large environment it’s not that simple, let’s say if you have multiple zones and every zone have huge DNS entry’s then it’s very difficult  to check, create and delete the DNS entry

When you open the DNS console all the zones in that server will get loaded and you have to select the zone than all the entry’s in that zone will get loaded, it will be time consuming process then you have to filtered out to delete the corresponding entry

While creating the DNS entry you have to manually type the IP address, you can’t copy and paste,  this  may lead to typo error and you will created the DNS entry with wrong IP address, by using this tool you can avoid this and increase your productivity
And this can be done in a second, you can also check if the DNS entries are available before deletion or creation the DNS entry
If you have multiple requests and you have to do this one by one, then this tool perfectly match your requirement
Follow the below procedure to Manage DNS record in Windows DNS server

1. Enter Record Name
2. Record name should be FQDN(fully qualified name) like Server001.eur.windowstricks.in
3. Enter IP Address
4. If require you can copy and past the host name and IP address
5. If you want to create DNS record then Click Create button
6. This will create the DNS entry to the corresponding zone in the DNS server
7. You will get the result, if any issue to creating the record, then you will get the error message
8. If you want to check DNS record then Click check button
9. You can also Delete the DNS entry by clicking the Delete button

Check the Existing DNS Record:
Deleting the Existing DNS Record:


Checking the DNS Record:
Creating the DNS Record:


This tool should be run from the DNS servers where you want to manage the DNS entries
And you should have DNSCMD tool installed and DNS admin rights.
For bulk DNS record creation and deletion

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