Nslookup for WINS?

By | January 29, 2015

Nslookup for WINS Entry?

We all know using Nslookup tool we can check the DNS name resolution, easy to use while troubleshooting name resolution and DNS related issues, NSLookup tool also used to check the WINS entry, yes you can check the WINS entry using NBlookup tool to query against a WINS server

If you want to know more on advance Nslookup troubleshooting tips, please read this.

NBlookup is an equivalent of nslookup for WINS and it’s a read only tool can be used by normal user

nblookup /s WINS server name /x Record type WINS entry


nblookup /s WINSserver1 /x 00 test0001
You can check the WINS entry for DC records for a domain by using the “1c” record type


nblookup /s WINSserver1 /x 1c test000

Use 00 for Unique Record type
This will queries the WINS server WINSserver1 for the domain controllers that are registered in the domain that is named test0001

– /x Default value is 20 (File Server service) this can be changed to 00, 20, 1B, 1C using set suffix=x or use respective value while querying the WINS using nblookup

NBlookup tool can be used for bulk WINS entry’s, /ql is used to run NBLookup in query list mode, it sends WINS queries that are specified in a text input file


nblookup /ql in-nblookup.txt

We can redirect Command output to output file, Used only with the /ql option


nblookup /ql in-nblookup.txt /qr myreport

To Download NBlookup and to know more about the NBlookup Syntax (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/830578)

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