Windows 10 Homegroup Problems and Solution: How to Get the Password and Setup Homegroup in Windows 10

By | November 12, 2015

Workgroup network replaced with Homegroup in Windows 10, Homegroup used to connect 2 or more PCs to have files and printers, not only share folder and printer, you can share any information between desktops, we had multiple issues after upgrading from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to WIndows 10, unable to retrieve the old homegroup password, we can’t see the Join button on the other PC, windows 10 homegroup not working, will explain in details how to resolve all these issues and how to setup Homegroup in Windows 10

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Below procedure will resolve all basic Homegroup issues on Windows 10

  • Shutdown all the computers in your Homegroup
  • Power-on one system first
  • Go to Network/Sharing Center
  • And create a Homegroup
  • It will give you a password (you can change the password later)
  • Power-on other systems one by one
  • Add to created Homegroup
  • This will resolve major Homegroup issues

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How to Change Homegroup password

  • Windows Key + S (This will open Search)
  • Enter homegroup, then click homegroup Settings
  • In the list, click Change homegroup password.
  • Click Change the password, and then follow the instructions to change the current password

















How to Creating a homegroup

  • Windows Key + S (This will open Search)
  • Enter homegroup, then click homegroup
  • Follow the instructions to create a new homegroup
  • And select what needs to be shared
  • Enter password
  • Click Finish

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Add PCs to the existing homegroup

  • Windows Key + I (This will open Windows 10 settings)
  • Select Change PC settings
  • Click Network, and then clicking HomeGroup
  • Enter the homegroup password, then click Join
  • Select the libraries and devices that you want to share with the homegroup.
  • Click the control under Media devices if you want to allow devices on the network, like TVs and game consoles, to play the shared content











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Open shared files from homegroup

  • Windows Key + S (This will open Search)
  • Enter File Explorer in the search box
  • Clicking File Explorer
  • Select Computer under HomeGroup
  • In the file list, double-click the library or double-click the file or folder you want to open

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3 thoughts on “Windows 10 Homegroup Problems and Solution: How to Get the Password and Setup Homegroup in Windows 10

  1. Michael

    Good article…except that the instruction to go to Internet and Sharing is incorrect.

    Go to HomeGroup, which is a distinct and separate Control Panel subgroup. That’s where you create, join, change passwords etc for a HomeGroup.

  2. Michael

    Good, except that you don’t go to Internet and Sharing.

    “HomeGroup” has its own Control Panel subgroup.

  3. Matt

    These simple steps (shutting down all computers and starting one at a time) solved my HomeGroup frustrations! I was stuck in a situation where all computers said a HomeGroup existed, though none were actually joined. I think this was a result of the 7->10 upgrade process.

    Thanks for sharing this!


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