Microsoft Online Reporting MonitoringAgent.Startup consumes all of the CPU resources on Azure AD Connect

By | August 30, 2018

On Azure AD Connect/Office 365 sync utility “Microsoft Online Reporting MonitoringAgent.Startup” utilize high CPU resources (almost 100%) which make the Azure AD Connect server hung, if issue started after installing the latest cumulative update which is causing Azure AD Connect Health Sync Monitor use all available CPU resource

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Permanent Solution to fix High CPU utilization issue

This issue been reported on Azure AD Connect version 1.1.819.0, Windows server 2016 R2/2012 server installed with Azure AD Connect utility are affected, Microsoft released new update to fix this issue, Azure AD Connect version 1.1.880.0

It’s known issue with Azure AD Connect on previous version with latest windows updates, update Azure AD Connect to the latestversion to fix the issue

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Temporary Workaround

You can Stop the Azure AD Connect Health Sync Monitor Service

Uninstalled latest installed KB’s

Uninstall .NET Framework 4.7.2 Update

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