msds-generationid not set on Windows Server 2012

By | August 27, 2018

msds-generationid attribute is not set for windows server 2012 virtual domain controller on vmware, if you notice when querying msds-generationid attribute value and it return blank, why attribute valve not set and blank? Any reason for this behavior?

Its new feature of Active Directory 2012, which is used to restoring AD database from snapshot image, Active Directory 2012 Virtualization feature correctly resets the Invocation ID if snapshot is applied or a VM copied using the VM generation ID

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Why msds-generationid not set on Windows Server 2012

msds-generationid attribute value does not replicate to other Domain Controllers, you have to query for the value on the DC that stores the value to get the value, this feature also provides the capability to clone a Domain Controllers.

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Power-shell command to query msds-generationid attribute value

Get-ADObject “CN=DC1,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=Windowstricks,DC=in” -server DC1 -property msds-generationid

Above command query the value from the Domain Controller itself and you will get the value

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