DFS management console showing unknown servers on SYSVOL replication group

By | September 30, 2018

If you ever saw unknown servers in SYSVOL replication group, event any of DFS Replication Group? Do you know why is reporting unknown and how do I remove the unknown servers from DFS replication group

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Do you know why is reporting unknown Members on DFS replication group?

If there are unknown servers in SYSVOL replication group then that might be orphaned Domain Controller, these unknown servers are not anymore on your Active Directory Domain, Decommissioned Domain Controllers not cleaned up properly which is showing as unknown servers

This is same for all other DFS servers if you decommission any of DFS server which is part of DFS replication group or referral servers for DFS namespace, then you have to remove this as part of decommissioning, if not this server object will showing as unknown servers

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Is any issue if we have unknown servers on DFS Replication Group

There are no issues as these servers are used to replicate the date, servers should have been decommissioned and not used anymore

Is any issue if we have unknown servers on DFS folder Target

My understanding, there is no issues as DFS referral been disabled, if the membership status showing enable then still some users are trying to connect the box, you have to disable to avoid the impact

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Other Impact needs to be considered

If you are not replacing the the server for the location then the users from that location connect to the nearest DFS server as per the site configuration, this needs to considered

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How to remove the unknown servers from DFS Replication on DFS management console

  • Open DFS management console
  • Select Replication
  • Select Domain System Volume
  • Right click the unknown member
  • Select Delete
  • Select OK

How to remove the unknown servers from DFS namespace on DFS management console

  • Open DFS management console
  • Select Namespaces (Domainname\Sysvol)
  • Select Folder Targets
  • Right click the Server
  • Select OK
  • Select Delete
  • Select OK

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Also check if any orphaned object in active directory which is causing the issue

  • Login to Any DC
  • Expand below DFS Replication topology container
  • CN=Topology,CN=Domain System Volume,CN=DFSR-Globalsettings,CN=System,DC=Your Domain,DC=Domain Suffix
  • Check and delete old orphaned object under msDFSR-Member

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Same way you can disable DFS Namespaces Server and Server from replication group, to isolate the sever from users

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