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Force active directory replication(Force AD replication)

How do I synchronize/Force AD replication between two domain controllers in a Domain, normal AD replication is scheduled however some time we require to synchronize manually

There is many ways to do this we will see one by one

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Configure active directory replication schedule

Configure connection object schedule across time zones

Domain controllers store time in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). When viewed through the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in, time settings in connection object schedules are displayed according to the local time of the computer on which the snap-in is being run. However, replication occurs according to UTC, UTC is equal to GMT… [Continue reading]

Troubleshoot Active Directory Server Replication

In an active directory environment monitoring the replication between the domain controller and keep the domain controller up-to-date is important aspect, so Monitor replication health daily, or use Repadmin.exe to retrieve replication status daily and Attempt to resolve any reported failure in a timely manner, If the problem that is causing replication to fail cannot be resolved by any known … [Continue reading]

How to check Active Directory replication

One of the questions asked most frequently by the system administrators is how to check the Active Directory replication or how to monitor the AD replication, most of the AD administrates know about the repadmin /showreps command however this command will provide the Last attempt status, like “Last attempt @ 2008-10-31 13:51:13 was successful” if any error while … [Continue reading]

Single object replication

Some time we need to create or modify the AD object (like DNS change) this change should be happen immediately to some of specific DC’s in different site, normally we wait for normal replication

Some time this is schedule change, some site need this change immediately to all the list of DC’s, we sync the replication to site where the … [Continue reading]

Active Directory Replication

Active Directory uses a multimaster replication model. In multimaster replication, changes can be made on any DC. In addition ,changes made on any DC are replicated to all other DC’s. So AD is said to use a Multimaster model. Unlike Windows NT uses a Single-master mode, and all changes to objects are controlled by the PDC.

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