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DFS troubleshooting

DFS Client side troubleshooting

DFS will work depends on the site and subnet configuration so while checking the client side issue, you have to check the client network configuration and corresponding site and subnet configuration, If you have complex DFS setup, then it’s very difficult to troubleshoot

In the below Example:

Domain name =… [Continue reading]

Standalone DFS Migration:

Standalone DFS Migration:
Migrate Standalone DFS from source server to destination server.
e.g TESTW0001 to TESTW0002

1. Export the Standalone DFS from source server (TESTW0001)
Dfsutil /Root:\TESTW0001DFS_Root /Export:c:tempdfs.txt
2. Open the output file and replace the old server name with new server name
3. Create the new DFS root (DFS_Root) on TESTW0002 same as source
Then run the bellow command … [Continue reading]