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Issue removing scope From Superscope

Issue removing DHCP scope From Superscope

I have seen an issue with the DHCP superscope scope, if you want to move the DHCP scope from the superscope, you can right click the required scope and select Remove From Superscope, however after the DHCP service or server restart, scope again moved back to superscope automatically, follow … [Continue reading]

How to change the subnet mask of DHCP scope

Changing the DHCP scope subnet mask

Change the subnet mask in existing DHCP scope

You can’t change the subnet mask of the DHCP scope directly without deleting the scope, need to delete the DHCP scope first then recreate the scope with new subnet, but this will lead to large amount of manual work

To avoid … [Continue reading]

DHCP Superscope

DHCP Superscope

What is Superscope?

A superscope is a collection of individual scopes that can be
managed as a single administrative unit. That’s what the book
says, so it must make sense, right? Well if that doesn’t make
much sense to you

A superscope is actually a collection of individual scopes. When
you group different scopes together into a single … [Continue reading]