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DNS Entry of Domain Controller are Resolving to Incorrect value

One of the Domain Controller DNS entries pointing to wrong IP Address (resolving with the wrong IP address) which is affected Active Directory authentication and other services. This is a unique issue which I have come across

It’s a single forest with multiple child domains as the architecture, when try to resolve one of the child Domain’s Domain Controller from … [Continue reading]

Nslookup for WINS?

Nslookup for WINS Entry?

We all know using Nslookup tool we can check the DNS name resolution, easy to use while troubleshooting name resolution and DNS related issues, NSLookup tool also used to check the WINS entry, yes you can check the WINS entry using NBlookup tool to query against a WINS server

If you want to know more on … [Continue reading]

Extract DNS root hints from Domain Controller

Extracting the DNS root hints from windows DNS servers

are simple procedure, before going to explain this I would like to explain how the root hints are configured in windows servers, if you have question like how root hints are configured and is DNS root hints are replicated through Active Directory replication then read further you will get all the … [Continue reading]

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DNS Management Tool

Using DNS Management tool you can check, create and delete DNS entry in Windows DNS server, it seems to be simple however in a large environment it’s not that simple, let’s say if you have multiple zones and every zone have huge DNS entry’s then it’s very difficult  to check, create and delete the DNS entry

When you open the … [Continue reading]

Unable to delete DNS PTR record

Deleted DNS record reappear or comes back, unable to delete

I think every Windows admin have faces an issue with the DNS entry deletion, after the DNS entry deletion it came back, after refreshing the screen via hitting F5 the record reappears, mostly it happen for PTR record

If you configure DNS scavenging in your environment then this record will … [Continue reading]

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