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Windows 2008 DNS features

Compare to windows 2003, Windows 2008 have more features and improvement, I will discuss the improvement related to DNS in this article, Microsoft done the improvement that really required for the IT environment, Windows 2008 DNS features are listed below

Background zone loading: If you are an administrator for an large environment you would [Continue reading]

How to move the DNS zone from Domain Partition to Application partition

After the implementation of the Application directory partition, you can move the DNS zones from Domain Partition to Application partition, before that you have to have full understanding of Application directory partition, like the different types of Active Directory Zone Replication scopes and which one suitable for the requirement
Procedure it very simple however … [Continue reading]

How to create DNS zone in Application Directory Partition

How to create DNS zone in DNS Application Directory Partition

Windows 2003 have a Application Directory Partition feature, you can create DNS zone on the Application Directory Partition to get the advantage of Application Directory Partition, it’s like a normal zone creation except the selection of Active Directory Zone Replication scope

1. Open the DNS console
2. Go to … [Continue reading]

Unable to access the server share through DNS alias name

Network shares on server, we have created the DNS alias pointing to host, while accessing the network shares on through DNS alias (\test004.test.comshare name) getting the below error, however while access this same network share through original server name able to access successfully

\test004.test.comshare name
You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the … [Continue reading]

DNS server roles and DNS zone

Whats is DNS server roles and different types of zones

A zone is a storage database for either a DNS domain or for a DNS domain and one or more of its subdomains. On all Windows 2000 DNS servers except Active Directory-integrated DNS servers, all DNS entries for a zone are contained in single text file called a zone file. … [Continue reading]

View DNS server cache

DNS troubleshooting

If the client resolves the host name with the wrong IP address, this might be because of DNS server cache, the original IP address for the corresponding host have changed but still the local DNS server cache not yet updated, so you client will get the wrong and old IP address from DNS server cache.

Use the following … [Continue reading]

Clear DNS Cache

Clearing the DNS Cache

You want to clear DNS cache. The DNS cache contains resource records that are cached for a period of time in memory so that repeated requests for the same record can be returned immediately. There are two types of DNS cache. One pertains to the resolver on any Windows client (servers and workstations), and the other … [Continue reading]

How to register DNS records

Updated IP address of Domain controller

Updated IP address of Domain controller

For windows servers DNS entries are dynamically updated, we shouldn’t update manually, especially for domain controllers DNS entry should be updated dynamically, use the below command to register its DNS records dynamically.

1. Then stop/start the netlogon service to update DNS records
2. Use nltest /dsregdns to update … [Continue reading]

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How to resolve the Island Issue

Island Issue

A potential problem with this configuration arises when the IP address of a domain controller is changed. Since the domain controller is known to its replication partners by its former IP, they will not be able to replicate and get the address change. To resolve this problem, configure the domain controller with the updated IP address to point … [Continue reading]

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