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Active Directory Schema Update/Schema Version

Active Directory Schema update
Schema update is nothing but extend the schema to support new operating system and applications features

Normally schema update done for applications like Exchange and SCCM, schema update also done for operating systems, Active Directory to support the new operating system and same time OS with new release, Windows Server 2003 … [Continue reading]

Migrating exchange 2003 mailbox to Exchange 2007 Environment

Before doing this migration you have to install the Exchange 2007 in your Exchange 2003 environment


• In Exchange 2007 open Exchange Management console.
• Here select the recipient configuration.
• Select and right click the Legacy mailbox users to migrate them in Exchange2007.
• Select Move mailbox then specify the Exchange2007 server … [Continue reading]


Installing Exchange 2007 in your existing Exchange 2003 environment

• Complete the prerequisties to install the exchange 2007 (.net 2.0, MMC 3.0, Power shell) in corresponding order.

• Install IIS(Internet Information Service).

• Run Setup/preparelegacypermissions.

• Run Setup/prepareschema.

• Run Setup/preparead

• After complete this steps check whether below exchange groups are created or not.

                   • Exchange organization administrators.… [Continue reading]

Test case for Exchange 2007 Migration

Find the below test case configuration for the user, when you migrate Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007

What are settings changed to default settings of target forest when migrating between forest

Exchange 2003 settings (before migrating) & After Migrated to Exchange 2007
User mail box Storage Limits It’s changed to default settings
Deleted items retention It’s changed to default settings
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