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Unable to edit Local group policy

Cannot edit or modify Local group policy “Log on as a service” and “Allow log on locally” policies on Windows 2003 server

Unable to edit Local security policy

If you try to edit the local group policy settings or change the local group policy settings, some policy setting won’t allow to edit and it’s grayed … [Continue reading]

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Check trusted site and activeX approval site list

Check the trusted site and activeX approval site list in IE7

After adding the trusted site and activex approval list through GPO, we have to check from client system that the newly added sites are updated or not, normally it take some time to replicate if you have more complicated AD environment.

We can use … [Continue reading]

Change users Screen Saver through GPO

How to change the Screen Saver through GPO?

Open the group policy you would like to edit, and reach the below path

User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Control Panel/Display

Below settings we have to configure to enable the Screen Saver:

Screen Saver: Set this to enabled
Screen Saver Timeoute: Set this to your specified time
Screen Saver executable name: set this to Not … [Continue reading]

Change users wallpaper

We have many ways to do this, depends on the requirement you can select one

1. Change users wallpaper through GPO
2. Change manually on per computer through registry
3. Change manually on per computer through changing the wallpaper1.bmp

1. Change users wallpaper through GPO

In active directory, you can change wallpaper through group policy, depends on the requirement you … [Continue reading]

Gpresult failed with ERROR Access Denied

Unable to get the result from gpresult on windows 2003 server, gpresult return with the access denied errors, you can able to update the group policy without issue

Run the following commands to register the userenv.dll and recompile
the rsop mof file

To resolve the access denied error while doing the gpresult.

1. Open a cmd

1. re-register the userenv.dll… [Continue reading]

Roaming profile issues

You have aware the known roaming profile issues, roaming profile will not work with the remote site (especially low bandwidth sites like VPN site) When user tries to log on to the system from one site and the configured roaming profile server in the other site then the system will not loads the roaming profile, system loads the local profile … [Continue reading]

Home page URL not working for IE7

IE7 group policy

Normal Home page configuration for IE6 will not work for IE7, for IE6 we have to use below group policy settings (this group policy setting will not work for IE7)

That User configuration>>Windows settings>>Internet explorer maintenance>>URLs>>Important URLs (does not work with IE7)

If you have IE7 or Windows Vista or Windows 7 in your environment then you … [Continue reading]

Loopback policy

Loopback policy can be used in special computer scenario, such as for schools, reception areas, or other zones whrere it is important that no matter who logs on, the computer settings must always remain in the same secured sate. Since user settings are applied after computer settings in the application order, GPO’s allow you to enable a Loopback policy settings … [Continue reading]