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How to copy a full user profile to another user in Windows 10 – After profile corrupt

Fix for windows 10 profile corrupt issue: User profile issue seems to be common in Windows 10, Start Menu not working in Windows 10 and other application(Action Center , Microsoft Edge, Cortana ) not functioning properly due to Windows 10 user profile problems, will explain how to check and resolve the corrupted start menu … [Continue reading]

Windows Continuum Integration: Microsoft Display Dock

Windows Continuum is one of selling point of new Microsoft Windows mobile phones Lumia 950 and 950XL, now you won’t need your desktop PC, you can use your Windows 10 phone just like your desktop computer, connect to Microsoft Display Dock that is connected to other external devices like Monitor, TV or any other display device and keyboard and mouse, … [Continue reading]

Start Menu not working in Windows 10

Some of the Windows 10 functions like Start Menu, Search, Settings, Action Center , Microsoft Edge, Cortana and other Windows components are not responding properly and getting hung / not working, issue mostly with the user account which you have using, user account might have corrupted or not enough permission to do the basic tasks, create a new user account … [Continue reading]

Windows 10 Homegroup Problems and Solution: How to Get the Password and Setup Homegroup in Windows 10

Workgroup network replaced with Homegroup in Windows 10, Homegroup used to connect 2 or more PCs to have files and printers, not only share folder and printer, you can share any information between desktops, we had multiple issues after upgrading from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to WIndows 10, unable to retrieve the old homegroup password, we can’t see the … [Continue reading]