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The User Profile Service service failed the login. User profile can’t be loaded during the first login on Windows 10

New User Profile Error in Windows 10, when a newly created user try to login to Windows 10 Workstation, it failed with below error and User Profile Cant be loaded, this issue also seen on Windows 7, 8 and windows server 2008/2012 R2/2016 Operating systems, Will discuss why this issue happening and how to fix … [Continue reading]

Troubleshooting Tips for Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 Slowness Problems

My Windows machine is very slow: Here you will find the basic and simple Troubleshooting Tips for Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 machine Slowness Problems. Couple of ways to speed up and improve Windows desktop operating system performance, you can apply and check these methods mentioned below to solve issues like  slow startup, slow responses, slow login, slow booting … [Continue reading]


DirectAccess is the new feature from Microsoft windows server 2008 R2, if you every struggled with windows VPN access then DirectAccess is going to change the way you interact or connect with the intranet from internet (from the public network to private network)

Normally we use VPN for accessing the intranet or office network from internet or home, VPN has … [Continue reading]

Home page URL not working for IE7

IE7 group policy

Normal Home page configuration for IE6 will not work for IE7, for IE6 we have to use below group policy settings (this group policy setting will not work for IE7)

That User configuration>>Windows settings>>Internet explorer maintenance>>URLs>>Important URLs (does not work with IE7)

If you have IE7 or Windows Vista or Windows 7 in your environment then you … [Continue reading]