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Compare Installed Windows Security Patches with other Servers

How to compare Installed Windows Security Patches with different Servers: If you are troubleshooting Windows server 2003, 2008 ans 2012 issues and you may have a working server and not working server, want to check is any patches are missing compared to working server? Use the below PowerShell command to compare installed patches between two servers

Normally we use to … [Continue reading]

DNS Entry of Domain Controller are Resolving to Incorrect value

One of the Domain Controller DNS entries pointing to wrong IP Address (resolving with the wrong IP address) which is affected Active Directory authentication and other services. This is a unique issue which I have come across

It’s a single forest with multiple child domains as the architecture, when try to resolve one of the child Domain’s Domain Controller from … [Continue reading]

Active Directory Ports

It’s been frequently asked question, list of ports used by Active Directory or list of Active Directory Ports for Active Directory replication and Active Directory authentication, this ports can be used to configure the Firewall

Active Directory replication There is no defined port for Active Directory replication, Active Directory replication remote procedure calls (RPC) occur dynamically over an available … [Continue reading]

windows port number

windows port numbers

If you are a windows administrator then you have to know the port numbers for the windows services like port number for DNS, DHCP, and LDAP and so on….

I have received several queries regarding the port numbers for different services, port numbers for ADS (Active Directory Services), Exchanges and Windows, here I have given the consolidated … [Continue reading]

How to change the offline file sync server

How to change the offline file synchronization server

Let say you already configured the offline files and these files and folders are moved or migrated to new server, after this offline file synchronization will not woke because laptop is looking for the old server, how do I change the offline file server to new server

Solution 1:

You have to reconfigure … [Continue reading]

How to Configure Offline Files

Configure Offline Files

You can able to access, and work with the network files even you disconnected from the network, using the Offline Files features

Especially if you are a laptop user and you update the network files on the move without network connection then you can use an offline files

When you reconnect, all the changes you made to … [Continue reading]

Usage of 3GB and PAE Switch for various applications

Usage of /3GB and /PAE flag for various applications

The default setting should not include the /3GB switch. Microsoft thinks the best solution would be a matrix of physical memory, OS version, and application.

For Active Directory(Domain Controllers)
Always use /3GB for Active Directory

For Exchange servers
Always use /3GB for Mailbox and Public Folder servers
Never use for SMTP … [Continue reading]

PAE switch

PAE switch

PAE (Physical Address Extension) switch is used to address more than 4 GB of physical memory, to enable PAE, you have to use the /PAE switch in the Boot.ini file.

PAE switch to provide more physical memory to a program which reduces the need to swap memory of the page file and results in increased performance. The program … [Continue reading]