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Why we can’t edit/view windows 2008, Vista and windows 7 GPO settings from windows 2003

Unable to edit/view Group policy settings from windows 2003

If you have mixed environment like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 then some of the group policy changes need to be configure from windows server 2008 or Windows Vista & Windows 7, you can’t edit or see the policy settings from windows 2003/windows XP because … [Continue reading]

Group Policy 2008 Features

Group Policy 2008 Features: I will discusses about the Group policy changes in windows 2008 server, Microsoft have made some of interesting changes and added new features in Group Policy 2008, first I will list the features and explain one by one

• New Administrative template files (ADMX)
• New Policy settings
    o Power … [Continue reading]


DirectAccess is the new feature from Microsoft windows server 2008 R2, if you every struggled with windows VPN access then DirectAccess is going to change the way you interact or connect with the intranet from internet (from the public network to private network)

Normally we use VPN for accessing the intranet or office network from internet or home, VPN has … [Continue reading]

Active Directory Schema Update/Schema Version

Active Directory Schema update
Schema update is nothing but extend the schema to support new operating system and applications features

Normally schema update done for applications like Exchange and SCCM, schema update also done for operating systems, Active Directory to support the new operating system and same time OS with new release, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2 … [Continue reading]

Windows 2008 DNS features

Compare to windows 2003, Windows 2008 have more features and improvement, I will discuss the improvement related to DNS in this article, Microsoft done the improvement that really required for the IT environment, Windows 2008 DNS features are listed below

Background zone loading: If you are an administrator for an large environment you would have seen this issue, after [Continue reading]

Windows 2008 installation types

Windows 2008 gives you two installation options or installation types

Windows 2008 can be installed in two types,

1. Full installation
2. Server Core installation

Full installation

This option install the complete installation in windows server, this installation includes the entire user interface and support all the server roles, it’s a normal server installation like the windows 2003 server

Server [Continue reading]