Increasing the number of IP addresses in DHCP scope

Edit the file and save

After this, delete the scope and run the below command to create the scope from the txt file

C:>netsh exec c:\dhcp.txt

This will automatically create the DHCP scope with the new subnet mask

This way you can change other configuration details along with subnet mask change, like IP range and Excluderanges

This has been implemented in our environment many times without any issues, grayed out Scope properties can be edited through this way and there is no down time required while implementing this step

Hope this will be help you to overcome the issue on expanding DHCP IP range without deleting the DHCP scope

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6 thoughts on “Increasing the number of IP addresses in DHCP scope

  1. Paul


    I’ve followed your instructions to the “T”. I’ve managed to create the dump file and have made the changes within. Now I’m stuck at:

    netsh exec c:\dhcp.txt

    I keep getting an error in the syntax. The following command was not found: (a little square with a dot after)

    I haven’t deleted the old scope yet as I feel its too harsh with the above error looming. I cant get the dhcp.txt to execute back to my DHCP.

    Any help on this is most welcome. Thank you

  2. Alexander

    Thank you.

    Really great post.
    Saved me alot of time since we had alot of reserved IP:s.

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  4. Mario

    Well what about all the leases that have been issued out already. By deleting the scope, you loose all these… Very sad microsoft wont let us just change the subnet mask in the properties window of the scope.


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