Force Active Directory Sync through Azure AD Connect to Office 365/Azure with console and Powershell Commands

By default Azure AD Connect performing sync every 30 minutes and you don’t want to force the Sync as the time interval is very less, you can wait for next replication cycle, still you can do it if you want to

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Powershell command to the Get Account expiration date, Extract user list which expire in a week time

Normally account expire will be configured for contract users for a specific dates, if they contract get extended then same needs to be updated on there Active Directory user accounts to avoid account get expired, to track this quite difficult and recently our first level team asked a script to give the list of users going to expire in next … [Continue reading]

Forest and domain functional levels only showing “Windows Server” not showing Windows Server 2016

Once you have migrated all Domain Controllers from Windows Server 2008R2 to Windows Server 2016, if you want to raise the forest and domain functional levels from Server 2008R2 to higher version, you can only able see “Windows Server 2012/R2” and “Windows Server”? what would be “Windows Server” and why its not showing any windows version

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Why DFSR disk not showing correct free space

If you notice DFS share disk available free space across the DFSR target servers is not same, why replication partners showing different free space with same data and disk size, What does these numbers actually represent and some of the users get out of disk space message when copying data even there is no quota enabled or quota size not … [Continue reading]

SYSVOL and NETLOGON not shared on Windows server 2016/2012 R2

SYSVOL and NETLOGON not shared  or missing and initial sync not finished on newly Built Windows 2016 Domain Controllers on 2012 R2 domain where Windows Server 2016 Domain Controllers been introduced in 2012 R2 Active Directory Environment, we can do non-authoritative restore of DFSR same like D2 SYSVOL restoration for FRS on legacy operating system

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DCDIAG and Repadmin shows decommissioned domain controller

DCDIAG output return out of sync error for a decommissioned DC or repadmin /replsum (repadmin /replsummary) shows high delta value which is not pointing to any source/destination DC, then it’s quit difficult to identify the affected connection objects Domain Controller detail, will discuss how to work on this issue

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Windows server 2016 co-existence and migrate/upgrade scenarios with Windows server 2012 R2/2008/2003

Upgrade Active Directory Server 2016 from Windows Server 2012 R2/2008/2003: Is windows server 2016 can coexistence with windows server 2003? Can I do in-place upgrade from windows server 2003 or windows server 2008/2012 R2? Which is supported and which is not supported and how can I plan Active Directory upgrade path from my old legacy windows server 2003/2008 R2/2012 … [Continue reading]

Active Directory 2016 New Features

Active Directory 2016 features on Windows Server 2016: I have already discussed about the Windows Server 2016 Features where new features and major improvement on the operating system end been listed, now want to see more specifically on Active Directory 2016 and difference between Active Director 2012 and 2016

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Planning safe Decommission of Domain Controller (Decommission of Active Directory site) Without Impacting Users

Best practice for decommissioning a Domain Controller Server: In general Decommission of Domain Controller is straightforward procedure and not required a much planning as we always have a redundant Domain Controller in a same site, so the client authentication will be handled by the other DC’s, if you want to find is any application hard-coded(“hard path” setting) the DC’s, … [Continue reading]