Amazon cloud outage questioned the Cloud reliability again

By | December 27, 2012

Netflix, online video Streaming and movie rental site been down for some subscribers this Christmas Eve, this incident again questioned the cloud reliability

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is hosting a many websites and online services, Amazon Web Services experiencing an issue with the Elastic Load Balancing Service which caused an outage for some online services

Netflix is hosted on AWS and this is the Second major outage in this year, Amazon’s servers last experienced a major outage back in June, it took around 7 hr to restore the service

And definitely this outage going to impact on could growth in coming years, whoever planning to move their services to cloud platform would be very cautious before making the decision, Amazons AWS is Cloud Computing Pioneer, and we have other major players like Google, Microsoft

It’s not a first incident that affects the cloud platform and questions the cloud reliability. Hope this is the last one.

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