Compare Installed Windows Security Patches with other Servers

How to compare Installed Windows Security Patches with different Servers: If you are troubleshooting Windows server 2003, 2008 ans 2012 issues and you may have a working server and not working server, want to check is any patches are missing compared to working server? Use the below PowerShell command to compare installed patches between two servers… Read More »

Is Leap Second Impact Windows Servers and Application?

Is your Windows infrastructure is ready for the Leap Second change? Before start discussing the Windows Server and Application impact, Leap Second is a one second adjustment to UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time) across the globe which is added every few years to maintain alignment with solar time. The next leap second will be added at 23:59:59… Read More »

Difference between DirSync, Azure AD Sync and Azure AD Connect

Before I start discuss about the difference, just want to share what these tools are used for and why we need to know the difference DirSync, Azure AD Sync and Azure AD Connect are used to sync on-premises Active Directory to cloud based directory service like Azure AD instance, Office 365, Dynamics Online and other Microsoft… Read More »

Active Directory real time issues and solutions

As an Windows AD Administrator I have many Active Directory real time issues and solutions, we have seen the questions like, Tel me about 2 real time issues which you have faced in your current Active Directory environment, share one or two challenging issues which you have worked and resolved, Tel me most challenging issues… Read More »

Nano Server Features and Benefits

Microsoft working on new vesion of server operating system called Nano Server, we all know server core version has been released with Windows Server 2008 and it’s a minimal configuration which utilizes limited resource, Nano Server is similar to Windows Server in Server Core mode, will discuss difference between server core and Nano Server with… Read More »