Can I restore a schema partition?

11 January 2014

Straightforward answer is NO, Any change done in the schema can’t be revert back by deletion or restore, however we can deactivate the change (like attribute), there is no supported way of restoring schema from the backup and you can’t do authoritative restore of schema partition, the only option is to do the forest


AD Slow Authentication and prompting for credentials again and again

20 December 2013

AD Slow Authentication and prompting for credentials again and again (Active directory Troubleshooting - Part 2)

It’s a most common issue in a complicated Active Directory environment, before am going to discuss about the authentication issues, I would like to discuss about the Active Directory basics like Pass through authentication, AD secure channel, NTLM and Kerberos


Active directory Troubleshooting (Part1 - Diagnostics Logging)

13 June 2013

Troubleshooting Active Directory issues like authentication failures, performance issues and logon issues, we can use different methods to monitor the AD, I will discuss more about enabling diagnostics logging, adding related counters on performance monitor to monitor the AD, Enabling debug logging for the Net Logon service


Unable to kill process

25 March 2013

If you try to kill the process from task manager, it failed with Access Denied error, I have used schedule task to run the batch file (batch file uses the repadmin command) schedule task failed with could not start, because the repadmin command stuck in task manager


Computer account is automatically disabled

11 March 2013

When disjoin a computer from the domain the computer account is automatically "Disabled", we have to delete from the domain before rejoin the same computer back the domain, computer account will only be disabled if you use an account with sufficient permission to remove this computer from the domain (credentials of a user that has "Read and write Account Restrictions' on the computer object) if you use a local admin account or the credentials of a non privilege, computer will be disjoin from the domain but will not be disabled


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