Best Wireless Printer Scanner Copier (All-in-One Printer)

Wireless Printer is the current trend driving the home printer market since you can connect all your personal devices like Desktop PC, Laptop, Mobile phone, tablets, and other households to printer without any wire through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, printing from a multiple device is no more a difficult task and just a single best wireless printer can solve all … [Continue reading]

Windows Server 2016 Features

As of now what are all the new features available in Windows Server 2016, what are major improvement and difference between windows server 2012 and 2016, windows server 2016 is not yet available to all and still in the development or Technical Preview version, I just find out the list of Windows Server 2016 Features comparison with windows server 2012[Continue reading]

Windows Server Containers Features on Windows Server 2016

Windows Server Containers are new approach to build and deploy applications instantly and it will be part of Microsoft upcoming server operating system Windows Server 2016, Containers is next level of physical and virtual servers which is necessary for today’s cloud and Mobile world, try to explain Containers basics and features and benefits

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Windows Continuum Integration: Microsoft Display Dock

Windows Continuum is one of selling point of new Microsoft Windows mobile phones Lumia 950 and 950XL, now you won’t need your desktop PC, you can use your Windows 10 phone just like your desktop computer, connect to Microsoft Display Dock that is connected to other external devices like Monitor, TV or any other display device and keyboard and mouse, … [Continue reading]