Force DFS Replication/Force DFSR Members to Replicate on windows server 2008 and 2012

Force sysvol replication on windows server 2008/2012, FRS has been replaced by DFSR Replication engine for replicating the SYSVOL folders from Windows Server 2008 & wundows server 2012 and file replication performance has been improved with many new features, Microsoft manage to fix most of the bottlenecks, improved command line support, Content Freshness, handling unexpected… Read More »

Command to find Duplicate SPN

A Service Principal Nam is a concept from Kerberos. To find a particular service offered by a particular host within the domain. General Syntax of SPNs is service class/fqdn@REALM , There are also User Principal Names which identify users, in form of user@Domain Kerberos requires that the SPN be unique and there should be a single SPN configured for a particular service with… Read More »

How secure channel determine the Domain controller in cross-forest

How client computer/member server find the logon Domain Controller from Cress Fores in an Active Directory envirnment or How secure channel determine the Domain controller in cross-forest If you are worked on troubleshooting the authentication issues between forests, you might be used NLTEST tool to check the secure channel Domain controller, did you ever try… Read More »

Nslookup for WINS?

Nslookup for WINS Entry? We all know using Nslookup tool we can check the DNS name resolution, easy to use while troubleshooting name resolution and DNS related issues, NSLookup tool also used to check the WINS entry, yes you can check the WINS entry using NBlookup tool to query against a WINS server If you… Read More »

Windows 10 for Free

Free Windows 10 Upgrade Finally Microsoft followed their competitor’s footsteps, free update to new windows versions, yes Microsoft Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, consumers no need to pay to get the new windows, seems like an Apple iOS and Google Android As per the… Read More »

Active Directory on Cloud

Active Directory on Cloud (Azure Active Directory) May be a year back I couldn’t think Active Directory on Cloud, technology is always changing and now we have Azure Active Directory or Azure AD/ AAD, is a cloud-based identity and access management service hosted in Microsoft Azure datacentres We can’t ignore the fact that this can… Read More »

Extract DNS root hints from Domain Controller

Extracting the DNS root hints from windows DNS servers are simple procedure, before going to explain this I would like to explain how the root hints are configured in windows servers, if you have question like how root hints are configured and is DNS root hints are replicated through Active Directory replication then read further… Read More »

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Can I restore a schema partition?

Straightforward answer is NO, Any change done in the schema can’t be revert back by deletion or restore, however we can deactivate the change (like attribute), there is no supported way of restoring schema from the backup and you can’t do authoritative restore of schema partition, the only option is to do the forestrecovery If… Read More »

AD Slow Authentication and prompting for credentials again and again

AD Slow Authentication and prompting for credentials again and again (Active directory Troubleshooting – Part 2) It’s a most common issue in a complicated Active Directory environment, before am going to discuss about the authentication issues, I would like to discuss about the Active Directory basics like Pass through authentication, AD secure channel, NTLM and… Read More »