Domain Controller failed test Machineaccount on DCDIAG

By | January 14, 2015

Domain Controller failed test Machineaccount

While you run a DCDIAG command on Domain Controller which failed with bellow error, will discuss how to find the issue and solution to fix the issue

Starting test: MachineAccount

* DC Name is not a server trust account

* DC Name is not trusted for account delegation

……………………. DC Name failed test MachineAccount

Issue may be with DNS, Computer Account, and Duplicate SPN registration, troubleshoot one by one to find the root cause

Computer Account: Check if any duplicate Domain Controller computer accounts with same name are present on your Domain/Forest, yes shouldn’t be any computer object with the same on your entire Forest, so check your entire child Domains with in the Forest

In my case, I found the Domain Controller computer object with same name in different Domain, have deleted the duplicate computer accounts to resolve the issue

DNS: Check if any issue with the DNS registration on host record and other SRV record, also the assigned primary ans secondary DNS servers are operational and reachable from the affected server

SPN Registration: Check if any duplicate service principal name in active directory, sometime the same name might be registered with other Computer in a Domain

Also verify the Domain Controller computer account trust relationship by net view or net use command, how to find check here

I have resolved the issue by deleting the duplicate Domain Controller computer object from different Domain, you may find different solution for the same issue, hope this will help you to fix the issue

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