Windows server 2012 co-existence and migrate/upgrade scenarios

By | May 17, 2015

Is windows server 2012 R2 can co-existence with windows server 2003? Can I do in-place upgrade from windows server 2003 or windows server 2008? Which is supported and which is not supported

Do you want to know the answer for all these questions then you are on right page, will discuss more about supported upgrade scenarios

Not supported

In-place upgrade from windows Server 2003 and from 32-bit system and from Server Core Edition are not supported

Windows 2000 Domain Controllers are not supported

Windows NT Domain Controllers are not supported


Add a new Windows Sevrer 2012 DC in a Windows Server 2003 Forest/Domain

Add a new Windows Server 2012 DC in a Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 Forest/Domain

Supported Upgrade Scenarios

Windows Server 2008 Standard Sp2 or Windows Server 2008 enterprise Sp2 can be upgrade to Windows Server 2012 Standard or Windows Server 2012 Datacentre

Windows Server 2008 Datacentre SP2 can be upgrade to Windows Server 2012 Datacentre

Windows Web Server 2008 can be upgrade to Windows Server 2012 Standard


Domain Functional Level should be at least Windows 2003 mode. This is the minimum required Domain Functional Level that would allow Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller installation.

Windows NT / 2000 DC’s are not supported

Need to raise a Domain Functional Level to Windows 2003 mode, for that older DC’s like Windows NT and Windows 2000 needs to be removed / decommissioned.

Supported and Not Supported Trust

Anyway Forest Trust not supported on Windows NT / 2000 DC’s, an external trusts can be configure to connect to Windows 2000 Server and Windows NT 4 domains

Note: From Windows Server 2008 onwards “legacy” cryptography algorithms not supported for secure channel communications, hence  external trusts can’t be established Windows NT 4.0 with a Windows Server 2008, or higher, domain controller, this can be rectified through simple registry change however not recommended

Hope this will help you to understand the requirement and prerequisites to Install Windows Server 2012 to your existing environment, what can be possible and what can’t be possible with your current Domain configuration


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