Windows 10 Problem with Pop-Up Dialog box, it’s under the Application Window

By | October 26, 2016

Print dialog box pops under the application window

Normally Dialog box pops are appears on top of any running application window, unlike in some Windows 10 desktop systems it’s opened under other application windows, while print from any application the print dialog box Pop-Up under the application window, we have to click on the task bar reference in order to bring the print dialog box to the front to do the print

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Not only issue with the printing we have experienced this issue on other applications also, on internet explorer if we click a download button and download Pop-Up windows not on the top of internet explorer windows, tried different settings and solutions to fix this issue

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Finally problem is related to the display driver and the printer button is just at the lower edge of the screen which will be hidden partially or mostly the task bar, Issue has been fixed by installing latest display driver on the affected machines

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Just try to reinstall display driver, even you have the latest updated display driver, this solution worked for me and hope this will help you to resolve Windows 10 Problem with Display Location of Pop-Up windows Dialog Boxes

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