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Force Active Directory Sync through Azure AD Connect to Office 365/Azure with console and Powershell Commands

By default Azure AD Connect performing sync every 30 minutes and you don’t want to force the Sync as the time interval is very less, you can wait for next replication cycle, still you can do it if you want to

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Power-shell command to check Azure AD sync scheduler[Continue reading]

Unable to kill process

If you try to kill the process from task manager, it failed with Access Denied error, I have used schedule task to run the batch file (batch file uses the repadmin command) schedule task failed with could not start, because the repadmin command stuck in task manager

I have used task manager to end the repadmin process, and used taskkill [Continue reading]

Active Directory Replication failed with “Target principal name is incorrect”

Active Directory Replication failed with “Target principal name is incorrect”

If you have issue with the computer account of the domain controller then you may receive target principal name is incorrect or access denied error while the time of replication

To check the computer account run the below command from affected domain controller where you receive the error

net view … [Continue reading]

Command to Create/Delete bulk DNS Record

DNSCMD command line tool can be used to create DNS entry, I would like to explain how we can use DNSCMD to create and delete bulk DNS record from text file, creating and deletion bulk DNS entry it very simple if you use this procedure

How to create Bulk DNS record

First we will see the bulk DNS creation, we … [Continue reading]

Search for text in files

Search for text in files

How to Search for text in files? Some time we require to find a files that contain specific text, search files for text is necessary if you have a multiple files and you want to find text in files, let say you have various log files and you want to know which file having error, … [Continue reading]