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Is Leap Second Impact Windows Servers and Application?

Is your Windows infrastructure is ready for the Leap Second change? Before start discussing the Windows Server and Application impact, Leap Second is a one second adjustment to UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time) across the globe which is added every few years to maintain alignment with solar time. The next leap second will be added … [Continue reading]

Compare the system time with other server

Compare server time with other server

Some time we require to compare local server time with other server time, use the below command to compare the time with other server time

To Compare server time

w32tm /stripchart /dataonly /samples:5 /computer:server name


w32tm /stripchart /dataonly /samples:5 /computer: test01


w32tm /monitor /Computers:server name


w32tm /monitor /Computers: test01

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Time server

Understanding the time zone configuration in windows (Time Service in Windows Part 2)

Difference between time
Before describing the time zone configuration you should know what is time zone and how and why it’s used, relation between time and time zone, and difference between time

Due to time difference between the countries, like time in UK is not the same … [Continue reading]

Time Service in Windows (Part 1)

Time Service in Windows (Part 1)
In a large environment with site’s are located in different geographical locations, most of the administrators have confused with time services and how it’s works, in this article am going to explain a detailed description of the time service and how it operates

Active directory uses the Kerberos for authenticating users and computers in

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