Sysvol Interview Questions and Answers

I would like to share the collection of Sysvol and FRS Interview questions and answers this will be asked on Windows Active Directory administrator job interview

What is the SYSVOL folder and why it’s used?

The Sysvol folder on a Windows domain controller is used to stores domain’s Group Policy settings, default profiles and login/logoff/startup/shutdown scripts, which is available in C:\Windows\SYSVOL directory in all domain controllers within the Domain

What is the NETLOGON folder?

Netlogon folder contain login/logoff/startup/shutdown scripts which is inside the Sysvol folder

What is junctions point?

Check more about Sysvol Junction point

What other folders in Sysvol and Sysvol folder structure/ Contents?

Check more about: netlogon and sysvol folder location

How policies get replicated from one DC to other DC?

Check more about: how sysvol replication works

What is the Difference between FRS and DFS-R?

Check more about: Difference between FRS and DFSR

How to Force sysvol replication?

Check more about force sysvol replication on Windows 2003 and  force sysvol replication on Windows 2008 and windows server 2012

What is the Sysvol Replication change in Windows 2008?

Check more about sysvol replication change on windows 2012

Any Sysvol issues which you have faced in your environment?

USN journal wrap Error on sysvol

Morphed folder on Sysvol

FRS replication issues –

Sysvol share not sharing – Maybe a replication issue, please event log got more information

Tel me about Non-authoritative restore of SYSVOL or D2 restore

D2 is the default method for restoring SYSVOL and occurs automatically when you do a non-authoritative restore of the Active Directory

When you non-authoritatively restore the SYSVOL, the local copy of SYSVOL on the restored domain controller is compared with that of its replication partners. After the domain controller restarts, it replicates any necessary changes, bringing it up-to-date with the other domain controllers within the domain.
Tel me about Authoritative restore of SYSVOL or D4 restore

IN D4 restore a copy of SYSVOL that is restored from backup is authoritative for the domain. After the necessary configurations have been made, Active Directory marks the local SYSVOL as authoritative and it is replicated to the other domain controllers within the domain.

How to D2 and D4 restore?

Enable BurFlags registry to D2 or D4

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NtFrs\Parameters\Backup/Restore\Process at Startup

D2, for nonauthoritative mode, restore
D4, for an authoritative mode, restore

More info from MS

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