Issue removing scope From Superscope

By | July 17, 2010

Issue removing DHCP scope From Superscope

I have seen an issue with the DHCP superscope scope, if you want to move the DHCP scope from the superscope, you can right click the required scope and select Remove From Superscope, however after the DHCP service or server restart, scope again moved back to superscope automatically, follow the below procedure to resolve the issue.


Let say you have three scopes within the superscope and you removed one of the scope from superscope, when you restart the DHCP service or DHCP server then the scope again went back to superscope automatically


1. Remove required scope from superscope

2. Need to deactivate and then activate the removed scope,

3. This will resolve the issue and now scope will not move back to the superscope after the server restart or DHCP service restart.

7 thoughts on “Issue removing scope From Superscope

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks, this did the trick for me. Every time we rebooted our DCHP server, the phone scope would go back in to the superscope.

  2. Woooooh!

    This was massively helpful. I’d been beating my head against the wall trying to get this fixed. THANK YOU!!!


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