DNS Lookup Tool with GUI

By | June 16, 2011

Free Nslookup Tool for Windows with GUI interface

It’s a normal Windows Nslookup tool, command line windows Nslookup tool been converted to user friendly GUI tool, this tool used to check the DNS entry and it has many customized features

Features of DNS Lookup Tool

• You can check the different record types (A, MX, NS, SOA, PTR, and SRV)

• You can enable the Debugging mode for better DNS troubleshooting

• You can change the DNS Query Type (Recurse, Iterative (non-recursive))

• Also you can able to specify the server from where you want to query the DNS entry (By default it’s a primary DNS server from the network card configuration)

• Easy to use and user friendly, no installation required you can directly run the tool.

DNS Lookup Tool


Nslookup tool query the A record

Nslookup tool query the MX record

Output of Nslookup tool query with Debugging mode Enabled

Download Nslookup Tool

For more info on NSLOOKUP and DNS troubleshooting

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