Can I restore a schema partition?

By | January 11, 2014

Straightforward answer is NO, Any change done in the schema can’t be revert back by deletion or restore, however we can deactivate the change (like attribute), there is no supported way of restoring schema from the backup and you can’t do authoritative restore of schema partition, the only option is to do the forest

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If it’s affected single DC then you can simply remove the DC by performing the metadata cleanup

Here are some of the alternatives for potential roll-back strategies:

1. Isolate schema master by disabling inbound/outbound replication, then perform the schema update on the schema master, if something goes bad, blow up the schema master and repair the rest of the forest (seize schema master on another DC and clean out the old schema master).

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2. Shut down/stop replication on select DCs, may be 2 DC from each Domain and do the schema upgrade, if something goes bad, kill all the DCs that were on-line and may have potentially replicated the bad schema. Light up the DCs that were offline and repair/restore your forest. Please see the best practice for schema change

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