Convert Windows Mobile Phone to Desktop Computer (PC) with Windows 10

By | July 1, 2015

Windows 10 Phone on a TV: Now you can use your Windows 10 phone into a second screen PC with Continuum, Windows 10 new Continuum features allows Windows phone to function like a full-fleshed desktop PC when you connected to an external monitor, televisions (TV) and any other Second Screen

Windows 10 is a single operating system across multiple devices and platforms. This will adds some complexities, mainly on how applications will transfer from one type of device to another, like Mobile to big screen televisions.

With universal apps, this can be possible. Applications will be developed to make a pleasant experience on phones, small tablets, and PCs

Microsoft applications like MS Outlook and MS Office resemble their desktop versions when run via a phone on a bigger screen.

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How to Convert Windows Mobil Phone to Desktop Computer with Windows 10?

Just connect Windows 10 mobile phone to external monitor, televisions and any other large screen device

How to connect Windows phones to external monitor/ televisions?

Easiest way to connect Windows 10 mobile phone to external monitor/ televisions through HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port, you should have a compatible cable to connect both the device

We can connect through WiFi also, will see more details about the supported connection and methods in my upcoming post

How do I use keyboard and mouse on Windows 10 mobile phone?

You can connect the input and output device like mouse and keyboard through Bluetooth on Windows 10 mobile phone

Can I use my existing Windows phones to connected to an external monitor?

As per Microsoft update, special hardware is used to support the multi-screen feature, unfortunately existing Windows phones won’t be able to use Continuum or connected to an external monitor/ televisions, even after upgraded to Windows 10

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Need to wait and see are all future phones will be able to support this feature or only selected one, without doubt Continuum is cool feature which going to attract many new users to Microsoft Windows 10 mobile phone,  new Microsoft mobile accessory to connect your latest Lumia 950 or 950 XL into a Display Dock and external display


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