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Windowstricks providing unique Active Directory tools that used to manage Active Directory, and helps to reduce the administrative efforts

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Tool to Find subnet conflict in Active directory

If you ever think that you require a tool to find the subnet in Active Directory and find the subnet conflict also, here is the tool

Before add the subnet in to AD it needs to be checked for subnet conflict to make the environment clean and also reduce the login errors (due to subnet conflict)

Get IP Info

Active Directory tool to find site name, subnet and other information for given IP addresses


If you are troubleshooting the system issues, like logon issue and DFS issue you have to check the system IP address and from which site this IP address belong to and from which subnet this IP belongs to, if that site have a Domain controller and if this subnet have DNS ReversZone and DNS Revers entry

This tool will provide the Site Name, subnet, Number of Address, DCs in this Site, DNS ReversZone Name, DNS ReversZone, and PTR Record pointing to

Search AD Object using the Attribute value

Active Directory tool to search the Active Directory using attribute value, you can use this tool to find the attribute value for the given object and attribute

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