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Virtualized Active Directory without Physical Domain Controller

Virtualizing entire Active Directory without Physical Domain Controller

As an Active Directory Administrator I would think like, Can we setup or create a 100% virtual Active Directory without Physical Domain Controllers? It mitigates the risk of virtualization platform malfunction that will affect entire Active Directory platform, is this correct? Will discuss Pros and Cons of … [Continue reading]

Active Directory On-premises User name did not match with their Office365 User name

If you connect your on-premises active directory toAzure Active Directory and force Directory synchronization then your local AD users account been replicated to Azure AD, user accounts in both the AD will be synch with 100 percentage and local On-premises user able connect Office365 their local user and domain login, some time you may see a mismatch between on-premises … [Continue reading]

Can we Replace on-premise Domain Controller with Cloud-based Active Directory

If you are looking for cloud-based Active Directory as a replacement for on-premise domain controller, like Active Directory without on-premise domain controller, we have an Azure Active Directory is cloud-based identity and access management service hosted in Microsoft datacenter, If you are looking to get rid of physical Domain Controller then Virtual machine in Azure or AWS is an option … [Continue reading]

Windows Server Containers Features on Windows Server 2016

Windows Server Containers are new approach to build and deploy applications instantly and it will be part of Microsoft upcoming server operating system Windows Server 2016, Containers is next level of physical and virtual servers which is necessary for today’s cloud and Mobile world, try to explain Containers basics and features and benefits

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Office 365 DirSync Error: Unable to update this object because of missing attributes

One of our reader has an issue with the Office 365 syncing with their on-premises active directory, getting below error while running DirSync, error is as follows

Unable to update this object because the following attributes associated with this object have values that may already be associated with another object in your local directory services

IdFix DirSync Error Remediation [Continue reading]

Difference between DirSync, Azure AD Sync and Azure AD Connect

Before I start discuss about the difference, just want to share what these tools are used for and why we need to know the difference

DirSync, Azure AD Sync and Azure AD Connect are used to sync on-premises Active Directory to cloud based directory service like Azure AD instance, Office 365, Dynamics Online and other Microsoft Cloud Services[Continue reading]

Active Directory on Cloud

Active Directory on Cloud (Azure Active Directory)

May be a year back I couldn’t think Active Directory on Cloud, technology is always changing and now we have Azure Active Directory or Azure AD/ AAD, is a cloud-based identity and access management service hosted in Microsoft Azure datacentres

We can’t ignore the fact that this can be a game changer for … [Continue reading]

Amazon cloud outage questioned the Cloud reliability again

Netflix, online video Streaming and movie rental site been down for some subscribers this Christmas Eve, this incident again questioned the cloud reliability

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is hosting a many websites and online services, Amazon Web Services experiencing an issue with the Elastic Load Balancing Service which caused an outage for some online services

Netflix is hosted [Continue reading]

Microsoft Cloud Services

Microsoft entered in to Cloud computing with different services (like Office365
, Windows Azure, Windows Intune and Microsoft Dynamics CRM) to compete with Google apps, amazon cloud, Microsoft Cloud Services are designed for targeted market and customers to fulfill their needs, let’s see how Microsoft cloud can be used in real time


Through office365, Microsoft able to provide the … [Continue reading]

Cloud Reliability

Is Cloud reliable?
All most every tech magazines have an article on Cloud Computing and it’s been frequently used word in IT, yes Cloud is the emerging technology in IT world seeking to change the concept of personal computing and taking it to a new level of computing and it is a talk of the town recently however it Cloud … [Continue reading]