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How to Run the PowerShell Script in Scheduled Task with Run as Administrator

PowerShell Script not working through Task Scheduler: how to execute powershell script to run as administrator in a scheduled task? some powershell scripts are failed to run on scheduled task and it won’t through any error on task history (even on the task scheduler events didn’t getting any errors) just didn’t get the output what … [Continue reading]

Powershell command to the Get Account expiration date, Extract user list which expire in a week time

Normally account expire will be configured for contract users for a specific dates, if they contract get extended then same needs to be updated on there Active Directory user accounts to avoid account get expired, to track this quite difficult and recently our first level team asked a script to give the list of users going to expire in next … [Continue reading]

Powershell script to add computer to SCCM collection

Simple Powershell command/script to add computers to SCCM 2012/2007 collections, we use to have many collections in our SCCM platform to control the patching, how we want to push the patches like daily collection or hourly collections with different maintenance windows configured, its easy to add servers manually if we want to add a single server, lets say we … [Continue reading]

Why PowerShell remoting can’t be enabled on a Windows server 2008

By default PSRemoting is disabled in Windows server 2008, is there any reason why PowerShell remoting can’t be enabled on the Windows server 2008 box? And of course we can enable manually through multiple ways, any security risks/issues on Windows server

To address about risks/issues of enabling it, there might actually be none. The question is why did Microsoft have … [Continue reading]

Enable Powershell Remoting on Windows server 2008 R2 and 2012

Powershell Remoting is very impressive feature from Windows server 2008 R2 / Powershell 2.0, it allows to run any PowerShell commands or access full PowerShell sessions on remote Server unlike the older native commands that run on the same server where the command been executed , so it’s powerful and easy to run a function from multiple system with less … [Continue reading]