DCDIAG and Repadmin shows decommissioned domain controller

By | May 3, 2018

DCDIAG output return out of sync error for a decommissioned DC or repadmin /replsum (repadmin /replsummary) shows high delta value which is not pointing to any source/destination DC, then it’s quit difficult to identify the affected connection objects Domain Controller detail, will discuss how to work on this issue

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How to find the affected Destination Domain Controller?

 You can run a query to check the affected Domain Controller, below query will search each connection object from the Forest to find the Destination DC

Csvde -f c:\temp\list.csv -d "CN=Configuration,DC=Domainname,DC=com" -r (fromServer=*) -l fromserver

Open list.csv and search for the Domain Controller which shows high delta value and the affected DC name should be there on the same line

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How to find the object of decommissioned domain controller?

Below command will search for given Domain Controller name name in all the CN attribute

Csvde -f c:\temp\list.csv -d "CN=Configuration,DC=Domainname,DC=com" -r (cn=*DC Name*) -l CN

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Make sure you done the metadata clean up for the decommissioned Domain Controller

In my case, Domain Controller orphaned object been found under LostAndFound Container, starts with 0ADEL: which is mostly due to replication conflict and the object been moved to LostAndFound Container

Have delete the orphaned object under LostAndFound Container which resolved the issue

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