Local Profile reset every time User Logon – Cannot Find Desktop Files

By | January 24, 2016

Local user used to have some files on the desktop on many systems and desktops, now cannot find any files on those desktops and settings like calendar settings reset to default every time we change it and make a restart, new profile whenever user logged in and why this is happening and where did the files goes? And it’s not a roaming profile where it gets loaded from profile server to workstation and seems to be a local profile corruption and why this happening every time the user logged on?

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While troubleshooting found we have a same user in Workstation local and Domain, In other words there is a local and a domain user with the same username and whenever user logged in local profile has been created same as a user name, so we already  has a local profile and Domain user with same try to login system try to create a local profile and it failed, since the user profile name conflict and will create a temp profile and gets deleted while the user logoff

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Windows will not allow two sessions to use the same profile, like I said profile creation attempts to first create c:\users\username if that already exists then system will create a c:\users\username@addomain, if user logoff not happen properly then new folder for the user will start being incremented in the format with .001 (C:\users\username@addomain.001) when the user logged on next time and all user files are lost with old profile folder


Delete all Local profile from system and registry and try again, also delete the local user which is causing the problem

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Registry path to check

Hklm\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\Profilelist

For Roaming profile

Delete Local profile from system and roaming profile from file server and try again

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You can also try to re-install Windows 10 without affecting current settings to fix Windows 10 problems

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