Can we fix all Windows 10 problems? Re-install Windows 10 without affecting current settings

By | January 16, 2017

General Windows 10 operating system cleanup with keeping everything: If you have single specific issues then go and find a solution to fix the issue, lets say you have many Windows 10 errors like machine/application freezing, Getting bluescreen and performance issue (long time to system boot up), want to get rid of all the issues and come-up with clean windows 10 with all your settings, how can we do this and is this possible?

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Re-install your operating system which will repair any files that are missing or corrupted and cleanse all Windows 10 issues, Windows 10 can be repair very easily and Windows 10 allows you to reinstall the operating system without loss of data which is keeping all your application/devise drivers/settings/files/Doc/photos

Steps to Re-install Windows 10

Go to the below Link

Click on Upgrade to Windows 10, this can be done even if Windows 10 is running

Click on the Download

And select Open (Run) but NOT Save (Allow the program to run. Allow drivers to update)

Then select Keep Everything

This will update all necessary drivers with latest available ones

Note: Reinstalling Windows 10 will not fix a profile issues, please try to reset the profile before reinstalling the windows 10

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One thought on “Can we fix all Windows 10 problems? Re-install Windows 10 without affecting current settings

  1. Rafaqat

    Yes that’s great….no doubt windows 10 is the best choice specially for those who want both the interfaces of Windows 7 and 8. Also it’s trouble shooting problem method is awesome…
    The method you have described is good for the Genuine windows. …but as you know most of us are using Pirated copies (copy windows) so this method might not work….
    By the way thx for the words..


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