Windows 10 compatibility with Windows Server 2003

By | August 9, 2015

After the release of Windows 10: Is my windows 10 compatible with windows server 2003? Can I Join new Windows 10 to Activity Directory 2003, Is I’m going get support from Microsoft for Windows 10 on Windows server 2003 environment? I want to clarify/answer for all these queries

I did googl’ed this and sadly didn’t get any proper answer and even no word from Microsoft, most because Windows server 2003 is an age old server operating system comes to an end in the 14 July, 2015 and all support and security fixes for the venerable server platform were withdrawn from MS

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Of course still many of companies are using windows server 2003, for those who are yet to put migration plans in place, this is the time to decide and move forward

If you want to use Windows 10 with Windows Server 2003

My understanding we can add Windows 10 to Windows Server 2003 network without any issues, but getting support from MS is a critical part and even Microsoft didn’t tested Windows 10 on Windows 2003 Activity Directory

Best hold your Windows 10 plan until to migrated your legacy Windows Server 2003 to Windows server 2008 /  Windows server 2012 R2 to get a support from Microsoft

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Microsoft Support:

Since support of Windows server 2003 end now and didn’t have a hope to get a support from Microsoft for introducing Windows 10 to your existing legacy windows 2003 environment, however need to hear it from Microsoft to come to a conclusion

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If you are worried about the costs associated with the upgrading server to latest operating system, you can consider replacing physical servers with Hyper-V which is most cast effecting and easy to scalable and manageable

Even consider moving to cloud based system like Microsoft Azure, and Office 365, since it’s a industry trends and most of companies are migrating to private and public cloud 

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One thought on “Windows 10 compatibility with Windows Server 2003

  1. Shailendra Jain

    We are trying to Join the domain client windows 10 Pro with Domain server windows 2003 but not able to connect always its giving error network path was not found” even if I am able to ping the DNS server IP as well as domain name also. any body has solution how resolve this error.


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