How to Block user access to Azure portal

By | September 29, 2018

If you want to restrict access to the normal users and you don’t want users to browse and see Azure resources, you can block the access by configuring restrict users to Azure Active Directory Administration Portal

A user without admin role, accessing the Azure resource is normal behavior, in your on-premise Active Directory also work in the same way, newly created AD user with the only member of Domain user can access all the resource in Active Directory and I don’t think any issue on this

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If no restriction applied to Azure portal login, then all the users in Azure AD can access the Azure Active Directory Administration Portal, how to overcome this

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How to Block users log in to Azure Active Directory Administration Portal?

  • Log in to Azure portal with your Global Administrator account
  • Click Azure Active Directory
  • And select Users Settings
  • And select Yes on Restrict access to Azure AD administration portal




Now only users with Admin role can access the Azure AD administration portal, all other users can’t able to access

Will get a message “You Do not have access” and access denied

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