Awaiting Export Confirmation Error on Azure AD Connect

By | January 17, 2019

Some time the Active Directory object sync failed with Awaiting Export Confirmation Error on Azure Synchronization Service Manager, if it’s for short time then no issues, Awaiting Export Confirmation error will be changed to update when the next replication cycle complete the object Synchronization, what we can do if the status continue to show same Awaiting Export Confirmation Error on AD Connect? Let me explain how we can troubleshoot and fix the issue

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Why we are getting Awaiting Export Confirmation Error

As per MS, Awaiting Export Confirmation is an exported object that the synchronization service engine wants/needs to confirm the data it wrote to the external data source.

When objects attribute change/update has been exported to Azure AD, initial Azure Synchronization Service Manager showed Awaiting Export Confirmation, it explains that it needed to verify the changes made to Azure AD, update happened by importing what it exported through Import Run Profile, once done the status changes to update, if any issue in between export and import run then the error remains unchanged

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Identify the update causing the Awaiting Export Confirmation Error (Azure AD Connect Troubleshooting)

Just check what attribute change causing this AADC object sync issue, if it’s for group object then might be member add/remove the change, and one of the members have the same issue which might cause this issue to Group object

Removing the affected user from the Active Directory group will fix the issue, and you can follow the procedure to fix the user/group object affected by Awaiting Export Confirmation Error

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Solution to fix the Awaiting Export Confirmation Error

You can move the object to different OU which is not synchronized to Azure AD, then the object will be deleted from Azure AD and again move back to the same OU after some time (once the move been replicated to Azure AD), now the object will be created again on Azure AD with all new update without any issues

You can also try full Synchronization if the failure object is count is more and you can’t do the above fix, have not tried this however this should work

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